How To Choose Vendors


Ask any bridal couple, "What matters most when you pick your vendors" and they'll say "Trust." In a world where trust is harder than ever to come by, we represent professionals who commit to not just upholding, but also increasing circles of trust in all aspects of our professions.

What first impressed me most about AWP is the level of energy and integrity of each member. It truly is a remarkable group of people, intent on solving each other's problems, while having fun doing so. Each fourth Tuesday evening, we come from around the Beltway to gain first-hand knowledge about a new venue, trade industry tips and trends, discuss leadership issues, and build professional connections who expand our base of professional solutions.

If you're a bridal couple or family member wondering where to go for help, our members stand ready to answer your questions with the respect and consideration you deserve. You'll find each of us in the Directory, with web, email and phone contacts. Our members also post fresh ideas, local wedding spotlights, and words of advice in our Planning Resources, so bookmark us and check back regularly.

When it comes to trust, you need your vendors to have deep experience and dedication. You need to know they do business according to professional industry standards. Our members are screened by our application board, who evaluate every applicant's experience and business standing.  Each admitted professional commits to uphold a clear Code of Ethics and to participate in ongoing leadership development in the handling of a wide range of situational challenges.   Booking with an AWP member gives you the added assurance that you have found someone whose skill and commitment you can trust.