requirements to become a member

Requirements for Membership

Applicants must have been in business for at least one year before they are permitted to join the association.

All applicant businesses must subscribe to and abide by the Association's Code Of Ethics.

Members must attend a minimum of two meetings in a calendar year.

All Association dues and meeting fees must be paid in a timely manner.



Who Can Become a Member?

The Association welcomes professionals across a broad spectrum of services, and encourages all vendors that have a specialty which benefits bridal couples to apply.  Applications for membership will be reviewed by our board, taking into account an indivdual's skills, experience, reputation and expressed interest in helping the organization achieve its objectives.

Experience:  Applicants must show that they have been in business for at least two years, and the contractually responsible individual for weddings regarding their service.  Applicants must provide a representative contract, clearly stating their business' standard terms and conditions.

Reputation: Applicants' public personas, both personal and professional, will be reviewed and considered. For installed members, ongoing business conduct must be in accordance with the Association's Code of Professional Ethics; instances of negative reviews or complaints must be resolved to the satisfaction of the Association's ethics board.

Professional Objectives: Applicants must indicate the areas in which they plan to help the organization advance. Installed members are required to attend a minimum of two regular Association meetings annually, as well as annually contribute a minimum of one hour of development work for the association.

References: Members must submit 2 client references, and 2 peer professional references, or be sponsored by an existing AWP member.
Code of Professional Ethics


All members of AWP must agree to abide by our Code of Professional Ethics.

Members of the Association of Wedding Professionals are governed by its Code of Ethics. The clauses given below indicate the general standard of conduct to which members must adhere in carrying out their business. AWP has power at its absolute and sole discretion to expel or to suspend from membership any member who negatively affected his/her professional status or the reputation of AWP or for his/her failure to adhere to this code of conduct.

As a condition of membership in the Association of Wedding Professionals, members subscribe to this Code of Ethics, and do agree that:


I will observe the highest standard of honesty in every transaction, always avoiding the use of false or misleading terms, descriptions, claims or representations.  I will act uprightly with prospects, clients, employees, employers and other vendor personnel and business professionals. I will not lay claim to any accomplishment, qualification, award, or certification that has not been properly achieved.  I will conduct myself and perform my services with utmost discretion for the well-being of my clients and their guests, whether in person or in representation.

I will at all times endeavor to produce services of a quality equal or superior to the highest level with which I publicly represent myself.

I will have adequate backup services and/or equipment to deal with natural and unnatural interruptions, to the extent professionally possible, and communicate these arrangements clearly in my contracts.

I will not undertake any paid work without a signed contract which outlines all relevant facts on the services and products provided, and at what cost and terms to the client.  I will abide by the terms of the contract, without extension or substitution, unless expressly agreed to in writing by the client.

License and Insurance
I will have proper business licensing and insurance in place before contracting for an assignment.



Your Investment

One membership covers all principals, partners, and employees of your company.  All members of your organization receive full membership benefits.  Your first year membership in the Association Of Wedding Professionals is $175, which includes a $25 one-time application processing fee and annual dues of $150.

The Association uses a January through December billing cycle in order to streamline our renewal process.  Therefore your first year's dues are prorated based on the number of meetings remaining through the end of the year.  Since we don't hold meetings in August and December, this leaves 10 months that we use to prorate.


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